Decorate the Eco-Friendly Way

One of the most exciting aspects of moving is decorating. Transforming your new house into a home by adding a splash of your personality to every room. It’s easy to get carried away when we first move, clearing out all our old furniture and spending weeks, sometimes even months, scrolling through furniture websites for brand new replacements. However, as we move forward into 2019, people are becoming more conscious of the impact we are having on the planet.

They say change begins at home and as Bourne strive to become eco-friendlier as a business, we wanted to share a few small changes you could make when it comes to decorating your home. Here are a few simple tips that will not only save you money but have your home looking cosy and unique.

Make a statement with plants

Introducing plants into your home is one of the easiest and most stylish eco-friendly ways to add a bit of personality to a room. Plants are natural air purifiers, filtering out harmful chemicals whilst releasing oxygen. Any sort of plant, big or small, will instantly change the feel of your home. If you’re unsure on how to fit plants into your home, it may be worth scrolling through Pinterest for some inspiration, keeping an eye out for eco-friendly pots such as bamboo.

Eco-friendly Candles

There is nothing quite like the scent and warm glow of a good candle. Candles can instantly promote a homely and cosy atmosphere in any room. If you’re looking to be as green as possible, you may want to stay clear of your typical budget candles as many contain harmful chemicals. Safer, eco-friendly alternatives are non-toxic, often made with cotton wicks and essential oils to ensure a beautiful smelling, clean burn.

Up-cycling is the new black

Part of the moving process is getting rid of old tattered furniture that’s been collecting dust in the garage for years, however, the eco-friendly thing to do is turn it into something new. You could transform those brown, stained chest of draws with handles holding on for dear life, into a beautiful new dining room unit. One tip that has proven to become very popular in recent years is turning old warehouse pallets into a stylish bed frame.

It doesn’t need to be brand new

Ever heard of the saying another person’s junk is someone else treasure? This could not be truer when it comes to furniture. There are plenty of car boot sales and second-hand furniture stores across the UK that offer a wide range of hidden gems. Many often throw away furniture in great condition without a second thought, but this is your opportunity to take it off their hands for a low cost and make it your own.

Stay clear of toxic materials

This one seems obvious, however, there are many toxic chemicals that are within our home we don’t consider. Then buying a new home, one of the first things we do to transform the home and make it our own is paint. Be sure to invest in eco-friendly paints that don’t contact volatile organic compounds or ‘VOCs’ which are not only harmful to the environment but humans too. Surprisingly, it has also been found that carpets emit a high level of VOCs; consider wood or stone flooring, it’s not only easier to clean but kinder to the environment too.