Tips & Tricks For Downsizing Your Home

The whole house moving process can be stressful, and some may say it’s arguably even more stressful when downsizing. Making the practical and important decision to downsize, means not only downsizing your home, but your life. There are many reasons to downsize; children have flown the nest, therefore you no longer need as much space, financial, or you may just be attracted to the idea of a simpler life. However, putting the plan into action is overwhelming and at times feels impossible. You will need to be vigilant and very well organised but don’t worry too much, Bourne have you covered with our tips and tricks for downsizing your home.

downsizing image

Be prepared to dump or donate

The best way to start your downsizing journey is devising three lists – keep, dump or donate? At this stage it’s always good to implement the 6-month rule, if you haven’t used or thought about a particular item in the last 6 months, it’s time to part ways. Your town will have many charity shops, donation bins and furniture shops that would be more than happy to take on your unwanted goods.

Don’t panic – there’s always cheap storage options

We’ve all been there. You’re in the midst of an almighty clear out and you start to experience the clear out fear; there are certain items you’re not sure whether to keep or chuck and they just end up in the corner of the room in your 'maybe pile' collecting dust until you’re forced into deciding on moving day. There are so many cheap storage options out there. Who knows, that lamp that you're debating chucking may look perfect in your next home.

A great estate agent is key

The key to a smooth and successful move is a proactive and trustworthy estate agent. Not only can they sell your existing property, they could also help you find your next one. The estate agent you approach needs to be understanding of your needs and be able to guide you step by step through the process.

Is it an essential or necessity?

Are you moving to a property without a shower? Then you won’t need that shower curtain. Maybe you’re moving to a top floor apartment without a garden, now is the time to get rid of your lawnmower. Once you’re able to identify what you do need and what you will have no use in your new home, the easier this process becomes.

Break out the tape measure

Moving to a smaller home means that you may not have enough room for all your furniture. Before loading your large dining room table into the moving van, it’s best to ensure there is space for it in your new home. Best way to do this is to form a list of all the furniture you plan on keeping with their measurements, so when you do find your dream home, you can easily figure out what furniture is going to fit and where.

Don’t worry – although downsizing can stressful, it will save you a lot in the long run such as money, time, and space. Are you looking you downsize? Contact your local office today for all your downsizing needs.