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Landlords: 5 Useful Tips To Start Your Tenancy Smoothly

The world rental properties and tenancies can be a complete minefield, especially for new landlords. The ultimate goal for any landlord is to have long and reliable tenants, to ensure their property investment remains intact and profitable.

Here are a few recommendations from our Senior Property Manager, Matthew Ware on how to increase your chances of running a successful and smooth tenancy.

Tenant holding keys

Ensure compliance with the latest legislation

There are a number of things to do in preparation for the tenancy; this includes updated electric, gas safety and EPC certificates where applicable. In line with the 2018 legislation, if a property EPC rating is below E, the tenant isn’t able to move in. To avoid delays, we recommend getting these done as early as possible.

Leave a folder of useful information

It’s important to start a tenancy on the right note. The tenants will most likely feel flustered on move-in day and whilst you may know the property inside out, the tenants will be unfamiliar and have many questions. We’d advise leaving a folder of useful info for the tenants incorporating things such as appliance manuals and location of stop cock, meters, etc.

Up to date safety detectors

The safety of your tenants is paramount, so it’s extremely important to make sure all safety detectors such as smoke and CO detectors, etc are up to date and working as they should.

Avoid any messy surprises

Always have the property cleaned between tenancies as this starts any new tenancy off on the right foot. We recommend having a property professionally cleaned to avoid any messy surprises down the line. Homes in good condition tend to get treated well by the next tenant.

In case of emergency

Make sure the tenants have details of any homecare agreements so they can make direct contact in an emergency situation.

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