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How to declutter with style courtesy of Mardi Girl

Whether you are moving home or simply looking for an interior refresh, finding the motivation and inspiration can be hard.

That’s why we’ve sat down with Mardi Girl to give you plenty of ideas on how to turn your house into a home; especially if you’re looking to sell or let a property and want to present it in the best light.

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What are your top 3 style tips?

1. Stay true to what you love, create a mood board for your room using the internet or magazines, take photos with a little research you will develop your own look and style! Once you have done this, you will have the confidence to introduce some new ideas to your living space, try moving the furniture around or add some new accessories with a pop of colour that you love. Choose carefully if you are investing in expensive items like sofas. If you’re being brave and buying the acid yellow sofa or that giant red leather pouting lip shape chair, that take your fancy on a whim, take a breather and think it over before you part with your money!

2. Have fun and remember style is created by putting some things together to create a cohesive look. Style should be functional and the space should be useful – Of course style can be bought, there are so many lovely interior experts around to help you. It’s not fun for everyone so don’t be afraid to ask for help, there are lots of people happy to do this!

3. 2018 Interior trends; Think texture rich velvets, moody tones of navy, violets and purples. Dark woods are returning and lux spa style bathrooms continue to trend. Houseplants are making a massive comeback and this can be seen on interior fabrics, wallpapers and even clothing. Houseplants are a wonderful way to make a room instantly feel lush. They also create good air for us to breathe!

And your top 3 declutter tips?

1. Clutter and having too much stuff is incredibly stressful, the less stuff you have the more time you will have simply because you will be able to find things, everything will have a place and you will know where to find it quickly and easily. You Should start small, little and often. Just start with a small area, like your kitchen cupboards. Sort through and anything tatty looking or damaged has to go! Once you have done this you will be in the swing of it!

2. Do you need it, does it have a purpose? This applies to any item in the house from clothing to household items. Review the item, think about how you use it, do you use it or do you wear it? If so, when was the last time – Is it just taking up space and has no purpose – Is it damaged? If you don’t use it, it’s unusable, it’s broken and finally you don’t love it, then it’s time to let it go.

3. Good Night, this works for adults and children. Try this for 10 or 20 minutes daily, and for extra fun set the timer for the kids! Choose a regular time like before bedtime or every Friday night if you are time poor during the week. How to play: Each family member has a clutter basket. Each player walks around the house filling their clutter basket picking up any debris of toys and stuff. All clutter should be returned to its correct place or storage area. This is a family task that will help keep the house tidy and form good habits. This task can be followed by a treat like your favourite TV program, a story or maybe a nice cup of tea and some biscuits.

Would you say it’s best to work on one room at a time or the whole house gradually?

ry to aim for a room at a time, having at least one area that feels calm, organised and a bit of a sanctuary is a really great start. Once you do begin the process it is completely addictive, and the relief felt is often like a physical weight has been lifted from you.

Do you think it’s best to stick to a strict colour scheme or are you a fan of a variety of colours everywhere?

No not too strict, although it’s nice to have a flow as you move around a living space, it is easy to create this by having continuity tonally within your scheme. I love a colour pop or an interesting item that draws your eye as you enter the room. Colour is wonderful and should be enjoyed, it is a real expression of you, and so I would encourage people to experiment. If you don’t have the budget to play with colour, do your research before you choose, try Instagram for inspiration, there’s a fab community of people sharing interior images, they also share tips and supplier info on the post tags.

Are you team modern or team traditional?

I was always team traditional! Influenced by my Mum who took me to antique shops most weekends when we moved to England from Australia. So basically I’ve trawled antique and collectors fairs all over England! I have climbed in and out of skips (still do) up and over many an architectural salvage sites over the years. I had a completely antique and vintage inspired home and garden for years. Then a few years ago I started to change, this all became too heavy and cluttered and I started to prefer a light and more spacious interior, I found myself drawn toward a less cluttered look. I had a definite shift towards modern building style too, I love seeing old and new seamlessly combined. I love the convenience this collectively brings to the way people are choosing to live today. Although I love to mix it up too, I still have some of my favourite old pieces; I would describe myself as team modern with a traditional twist!

What can customers expect from a consultation with you?

I am a Professional Organiser and Lifestyle Consultant.

After a relaxed conversation I will arrange to visit with you at the property. Generally if I am visiting to declutter before a move or for a down size the client will have an area that bothers them the most and this is generally the best place to start. If they are not sure I will guide them in this. We will work in stages depending on your needs. Booking hours vary from 3 hours, a full day or over several days.

I have clients where I get them on track and then I return monthly. Sometimes people are so inspired they continue themselves as they get the decluttering and organising bug!

I work with people from all walks of life and I am completely non-judgemental. References are available from many lovely clients who have written many kind words about my service. Do you long to be organised? Have you go piles of stuff everywhere? I can help you to get everything feeling in control again.

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