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Why Having a Local Estate Agent is Important when Buying or Renting Property

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The internet has fundamentally changed the way we discover, view and manage properties. It’s now easier than ever to search for a property, book viewings and view documents online. So why do you still need the services of an estate agent?

Even though technology is changing how we interact with properties and organise viewings, there are still plenty of benefits to having an experienced local estate agent on your side. For example, an estate agent can help you discover an unexpected property for rent or sale, negotiate on your behalf, conduct due diligence on potential vendors/landlords, maintain momentum throughout the whole process and much more. If you’re thinking about renting or buying somewhere new, then working with a reputable estate agent can be incredibly beneficial. Keep reading to learn more about why having a local estate agent is important in 2022 and beyond.

Local Knowledge & Experience

Firstly, a professional estate agent such as Bourne know their local property market inside out. Good agents will be attuned to exactly what’s available in your area and how much you should expect to pay for rent or to purchase. This knowledge can save you a lot of time and effort, by managing realistic expectations across all parties and could even help place you in a favourable position to ensure your offer is accepted.

While searching for a property, it can be advantageous to work with an agent who fully understands the area. For example, if a certain street is known locally to be more desirable than other nearby streets, a local estate agent will be able to highlight this, explaining why. They should be able to advise you on which areas are safer or have better amenities and where the school catchments are.

Additionally, they can let you know what transport services are nearby and help you understand local council information. Our agents will have gathered valuable information on each property, such as the council tax band / associated cost, lease information, utility costs and any parking requirements. This time-saving service can help you plan for future costs and avoid uncertainty.

At Bourne, our branches are run by local people. The vast majority of our team live in the immediate area and have children in local schools. This means we know our market in depth, understand how to relate searches to our client’s needs and we’re as passionate about the area and its community as our clients are.

A reputable local estate agent will have worked with a wide range of clients, so they have an in-depth understanding of what’s important to tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers in the current local market, and across varying budgets. This expert industry knowledge can be equally helpful if you are moving from outside the area. Bourne are linked to Relocation Agent Network, working with around 500 associated Relocation Agent offices across England, Scotland, and Wales, as well as a network of over 100 offices across London. If you have a property to sell outside our area or are looking to relocate outside of Surrey and Hampshire in the future, we will be able to put you touch with a vetted and credible agent, who are expert agents in their own local areas.

We can’t stress enough the value of local knowledge. The experience of living and working in a specific area for many years isn’t something that can be found online or with an agent located out of area. The value of this knowledge can help to ensure fewer surprises, avoid unnecessary obstacles or delays, and promote faster, smother transactions. If you’re not already registered with our branches, contact us today, to discover how we can help you locate your ideal property.

A Local Estate Agent – Finding you a suitable property quickly

Estate agents in your area should be focused on helping you find a suitable home as soon as possible. A good local agent should have a consistent pipeline of properties they are keen to show you. If you are looking for something specific, such as a detached house with a big garden, near a local school, your favoured agent will understand your search criteria and be able to provide you an early opportunity to book viewings. This is especially valuable when properties are scarce and interest levels are high.

Additionally, an experienced local estate agent will have detailed knowledge of recent sale or rental prices for similar properties in the area, and therefore be able to advise all parties on realistic pricing.

When you find a property you like, you should expect your estate agent to help you make an offer. Their role is to help both parties negotiate, which can include not just the price, but other variables such as timescales, when the property will be removed from the market and whether specific items are included in the sale / rental.

If you’re looking to rent, our lettings agent can assist you with understanding the details of a rental agreement, for example, if bills are included or excluded, whether pets are allowed in the property, lease restrictions, length of potential tenancy, etc. This in turn should lead to a speedier process, easier communications with the landlord and ensures all parties know what’s happening at all times.

At Bourne we are proud to have a company mission we stand by:

  • ‘Our clients should always know what to expect next,’
  • ‘Our clients should never have to ask twice,’
  • ‘Our clients know that for us nothing is too much trouble.’

Then, just as importantly as having your offer accepted, you should expect your agent to be willing to help you complete the necessary stages and paperwork to throughout the process and see you move happily into your new home.

Due diligence on the seller’s or landlord’s background

A professional estate agent will conduct due diligence on their sellers and landlords. You should expect them to have visited the property multiple times and carried out due diligence in line with industry guidelines, such as anti-money laundering. Additionally, the agent should have a full understanding of the seller or landlord’s requirements, reducing the chances of long property chains, unexpected snags or miscommunications. This is where a reputable local estate agent is a valuable contact, as opposed to internet based or out-or area agents who lack the same degree of detailed knowledge or relationship-building with you as a potential client.

If you are a tenant searching for rental properties, you can rest assured our lettings teams will have visited any property you wish to view and been able to advise the landlord regarding potential issues or necessary repairs. They will have a detailed knowledge of the property and be able to help you discuss the terms of the tenancy during your visit.

Negotiations and Communication

Clear communication between all parties is key. As a central point of contact, an estate agent can track all interactions, manage open conversations easily and ensure all parties are constantly updated.

If there are gaps between the price expectations of a landlord or seller and prospective tenants or buyers, then an agent can expertly advise all parties. This means there is a neutral party managing conversations, who can handle matters without emotion, ensure any miscommunications are avoided and act with everyone’s best interest at heart.

At Bourne, we take time to understand your search criteria, budget and moving timescales required. That way, you can be assured that when we contact you with viewing opportunities, the property will be highly suitable for personal requirements. Having got to know you through the registration process, we will be able to help you quickly negotiate a deal for your new move, when your perfect property comes along.

Recommend trustworthy local service providers

A specific advantage of working with a local estate agent is that they should be able to recommend the best service providers and contractors in the area.

At Bourne we only work with reliable, trustworthy companies and contractors, who we are therefore happy to recommend to our clients; many of whom we have used in our own homes for years.

Whether you are buying and need a solicitor who is trusted to expedite your purchase in a thorough and speedy manner, or a tenant who wants to be referred to a reliable gardener or cleaner, we can help guide you towards tried and tested people.


Working with a proactive local estate agent can be hugely beneficial, especially when you’re renting or buying a property. It can be difficult to navigate the process on your own, often with unexpected hurdles cropping up along the way. However, building a relationship with a professional estate agent means they can help you find the right property, negotiate the right price and remove many of the obstacles along the way before you move into your new home.

Our Bourne branches are run by local people. We know our markets inside out, understand our clients and we’re as passionate about the area and its community as you are. We are the fastest growing estate agents in Surrey and Hampshire, with expert local knowledge across the two counties. Let us help you discover your next property and support you with your move – contact us at your local Bourne office:

By exceeding the expectations of you, the client, we hope you’ll be only too happy to recommend us.

When you’re ready to choose an agent to work with, book a free, no-obligation valuation and discover for yourself how choosing the right agent makes a world of difference.

‘You’ll be moved by our results’

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