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Some outstanding feedback from a delighted seller through our farnham branch

“To whom it may concern

Selling and buying property is understood to be one of the most stressful times of your life. The Bourne estate agents are aware of this and have a dedicated staff member to liaise between the seller and buyer and both solicitors. This takes away some of the stress of the process. Millie Yeomans is the contact in the Bourne whose job is to ensure the process moves forward in a timely fashion. Millie was fully involved in the recent sale of my flat which was a longer and more drawn out process than I was expecting. However Millie was always there with reassuring words contacting all parties for regular updates, explaining the process and what to expect. Millie worked hard all the time to ensure the sale was progressing and kept me fully informed all the time.

To my knowledge other estate agents do not offer this dedicated service and I commend the Bourne for their foresight in providing this. Millie Yeomans’s attitude is nothing is too much trouble. I was mindful of the fact that I was not the only client Millie was looking after however Millie always made me feel I was important and went out of her way to help resolve the issues which occurred as soon as possible. I also had the impression that she had a very good professional relationship with the solicitors and the buyer of my property which is very important. Just as I trusted her to provide answers they were happy and trusted her to be the liaison between all parties.

It works very well and I trust the Bourne reward Millie for the excellent job she undertakes. I am sure Millie finds at times the job stressful but as a professional copes with this at ease taking some of the stress off the shoulders of the sellers of property. This is an invaluable service and in my opinion Millie is an invaluable member of staff.”

Paul Moynihan (client of the Bourne from July to December 2015)”